“Thingz schoolz dnt teach you”

For two weeks LIFE Creations presented the youths of today with a two week programme on building different aspects of their lives such CV Building, how to become an entrepreneur in the REAL world, how to make money in the REAL world and many more different topics. With special guests such as Danny wonders, Demi Ariyo and Irene Lugensen (Diaryofacitygirl), youths were entered into a competition in which the person with the best business proposition could win £500 to start their business!


Montage week – Gifts and Walks

Montage week was a great success! From our experienced talkers our young giants learnt a bundle of information of which one of them wants to share their experience!



When I was first invited to the event I did not understand what people meant when they asked me what was my chosen gift or how I should work upon something I was yet to discover. In terms of discovering my gift I was in my first stage.  Where would I begin this journey? How should I begin my journey? With people who are experience in how to find a gift and being able to share it to the world. I did not just learn how to do that at this workshop I also learnt other things about myself such as working on my confidence something I did not notice until that day. Moreover I learnt that I can reach to my full capability if I just put my heart in everything I do, as most of people that I met were very positive and I’m sure I made a lot of new friends ! This programme being two days allowed me to express my self and work upon my weaknesses around people who share similar views.

— Amanda (17)


Have a look at what the week consisted of:


What is in store for L.I.F.E Creations this month?

January 2016

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We will be holding a workshop ‘SELF- YOU’ . This workshop includes inspiring speeches, discussions that will help those that attend to discover themselves through different activities.



February 2016

Life creations are holding another inspirational workshop just for you! Not just for one day but for TWO days. TWO days filled with speeches and activities about your walk and discovering your chosen gift.

Order your tickets now: http://lifecgweos.eventbrite.co.uk





What is L.I.F.E Creations?


Life creations is a social enterprise/ youth organisation (LTD)that aims to empower the youth of today to become giants of today through many avenues.  We use creative writing as a vehicle for personal development through original workshops, one on one mentoring and tutoring.

We cater for those within the ages of 12-25, we run workshops alone as a company but we also partner with organisations, ministeries, charities and youth offenders transform the lives of many.

We are here to merge creativity with development and enhance the life of every young person. With a solid team we are daily making the dream work for us!! We have reached over 5,000 youth since our genesis. With feedback showings 95% of youth we work with end up in great jobs/careers, universities, identifying their visions and gifts and fulfiling their destinies. With confidence rates through the roof after our intense consistent sessions, words and programmmes we are assured that each young person we come into contact with will become GIANT. Discovering their gift and demanding it to make room for them!


We have also mentored over 50 young people, partnerned with up to 10 companies, have a radio station with over 10,000 listeners and have a thriving tuition side of which we teach Maths, English and Science with all qualified CRB checked teachers we have taught up to 100 students with grade increases of two levels on a minimum.

For more information on L.I.F.E Creations click on ‘About us’.


Life creations aim is to spread the light and life through workshops, seminars, mentoring and tutoring! BUILDING GIANTS IS OUR ETHOS!