What is L.I.F.E Creations?


Life creations is a charity/organisation that aims to empower the youth of today to become giants of today through many avenues.

Life creations aim is to spread the light and life through workshops, seminars, mentoring and tutoring. We cater for those within the ages of 12-22, we partner with organisations, ministeries, charities and prisons into to transform the lives of many. We are here to merge creativity with development and enhance. With a solid team we are daily making the dream work for us!! We have reached over 5,000 youth in our three years of birth. With feedback showings 95% of youth we work with end up in great jobs/careers, universities, identifying their visions and gifts and fulfiling their destinies. With confidence rates through the roof after our intense consistent sessions, words and programmmes we are assured that each young person we come into contact with will become GIANT.
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